True Defense Mask

5 Layered Unisex Face Mask Cover


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The True Defense Face Mask is made of high-quality fabrics. With a total of 5 layers offering the absolute best protection when in crowded areas.


  • Breathable Moisture Barrier

  • Cool & Dry

  • Made of Eucalyptus

  • 100% Recyclable

  • Machine Washable/Reusable

  • Quick Drying

  • Mold & Mildew Resistant

  • Anti-Bacterial

  • Anti-Fungus

  • Built to CDC Recommendations

  • One Size Fits all Adults - Unisex

  • Made in the USA


The Outer Layer is an advanced generation fabric with four-layer construction. This material is water and dust repellent. Completely breathable which allows air to circulate, keeping moisture and contaminants out. This Fabric is Strong and durable, quick drying, mold and mildew resistant. Prefect for machine washes and re-usability.

The Inner layers is made with organic Eucalyptus fibers which offers a soft dry cool layer against your face. It absorbs moisture and releases it away from the body creating a dry and cool atmosphere. Unlike polyester and cotton this moisture reduction reduces bacteria without additional chemicals or additives. Eucalyptus has been shown in multiple studies to kill up to 95% of dust mite pollution. This fabric is great for those is with allergic rhinitis, asthma, and eczema. Perfect for constant skin contact and daily use.



  • Advanced Generation Fabric

  • Four Layer Construction

  • Water/Dust Repellency

  • Mold/Mildew Resistant



  • Organic Eucalyptus Fibers

  • Soft - Dry - Cool Layer

  • Great for those with allergic

  • rhinitis, asthma, and eczema

  • Perfect for Constant Skin Contact

  • Kills up to 95% of dust mite pollution






How do I use the Mask?

  1. Place white side of mask snugly around mouth and nose

  2. Tie straps securely behind your head.

  3. Adjust accordingly for comfort and it.


When/Where Should I wear a mask?

During this outbreak of Covid-19, if you mush go outside you should always be protecting yourself with a mask. Whenever in public spaces or exposed to others. The CDC’s new guidance encourages individuals to wear masks or homemade face coverings in public settings like grocery stores; we’re all adapting to this as a society. Importantly, wearing a mask can prevent you from unknowingly spreading disease in public if you are infected but asymptomatic. 


How do I clean and sanitize my mask?

There are a few ways to cleaning and sanitizing your mask after every public exposure. Below are our 3 recommended options.

  1. Steam Clean For 20 Mins

  2. Handwash with Soapy Hot water for 30 seconds.

  3. Place in Washing Machine on High Heat Temp (Do not use Bleach)

  4. Place in Oven at 180°F (83°C) for at least 30 mins


Is one size fits all?

Our adult size will fit most faces the straps are completely adjustable by tying off at correct length for your head size.


Can I return my mask after use?

Because this is a personal Item, we currently cannot accept any returns. All our mask go through a quality control process and checked before shipping. All of our mask have never been used and are brand new. Be wary of any sellers accepting returns.


Will this mask fit kids?

The current adult size is not recommended for children but will fit most. We are currently in the process of manufacturing a model for Children 2 and older. Any type of facial covering is recommended when exposing your self and or your kids to others.


Can I purchase in Bulk?

Yes, you can make bulk purchases please contact us for best rates.


Shipping & Handling:

All mask are manufactured and made in the USA.  We ship Daily form from Fort Lauderdale Florida.

Due to sanitary reasons, all mask sales are final and cannot be returned We do not make any claims to the medical benefit of face masks purchased from us. Our Face mask follow the CDC recommended guidelines for facial protection coverings.

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