Crew Cool Mattress'

Updated: Apr 10

All new MX-AireMaze Cushions: Available Exclusively in the U.S. Through Eclipse

We are proud to introduce a new cushion line to the U.S. market. A favorite of Toyota and the U.S. Department of Defense, MX-AireMaze cushion core is available to the yachting industry for the first time via our strategic partnership.

Adding a new dimension to our industry, MX-AireMaze makes your job easier

with foam that:

· can be cleaned with a hose

· will not retain moisture – shake it off to dry

· divides body heat and weight for superior comfort

· sleeps or sits 12 degrees cooler than other foams

MX-AireMaze 90% open weave

Crew Mattress:

In use on submarines and ships by the navy for 10 years, we highly recommend MX-AireMaze core mattress’ for the most comfortable, clean and cool sleep.

Being able to wash the entire inner filler is the best possible way to eliminate bacteria build up. Additionally, our MX-AireMaze core is free of off-gassing and toxic chemicals.

As Dupont says, "its the foam of the future that is available today".

Marin-Aire with breathable and washable covering


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