MX-Airemaze Yacht Cushions

Updated: Apr 10

MX-AireMaze Cushions:

**NEW MX: Cool, clean comfort and perfect support using the New MX Cushion core.

MX-AireMaze is made with a patented Dupont LLDP which is highly resilient and holds it shape far better than any other product or foam.

MX-AireMaze is the first technology of its kind. The unique, nest-like structure evenly distributes weight and eliminates motion transfer. The 90% open structure is cool and prevents moisture retention or mold. It is completely washable. Eclipse provides a custom fitted breathable Lining for easy removal of the Casing for machine washing. Recycle:

Additionally, our AireMaze core is considered the first ever 100% sanitary and recyclable cushioning component!

Dupont has coined this “the foam of the future that is available today”.

Washable MX-Airemaze:

FYI: Moldy Foam Cannot Be Recycled - Soiled or moldy foam is contaminated and so cannot be recycled. Foam recycling programs will not accept these foams, so take them to the landfill instead.

Washable MX-Airemaze is a revolutionary change in a cushion because you can wash the entire inner filler. This is the best possible way to eliminate bacteria and mold build-up.

Additionally, our MX-AireMaze core, made with food-grade plastic, is free of off-gassing and toxic chemicals. Your outer cushion casing is easily removed for washing with a 3-sided bottom zipper.

Archived Patterns:

The Best Fit – copying older cushion casings is not recommended because of fabric shrinkage from cleaning over time. Your precise fit MX-Cushion PATTERNS are saved as a computer file and future cushion recovering can be provided efficiently with the same high quality and perfect fit.

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