Custom-made for You!

Updated: Apr 10

Issues and concerns that are part of the Custom process:

While our work is generally year-round, there are high-demand times as the yachts cycle thru their seasonal destinations.

- Planning ahead can make a big difference in the success of your project.

- Submitting a quote can be done in advance of arrival using your GA.

- Early submission provides management the time to review

- Approvals happen in advance without affecting your time-sensitive project.

- Everything we supply to the yacht is custom made by hand, to your order.

- When special fabrics have to be sourced, samples have to be procured and approved in advance. To assure timely availability fabrics must be reserved. This preparation takes time.

Why not digitize now and we will deliver when you return?

We love lists so please send them in advance.

1. When is your next refit planned?

2. Where will you be located?

3. Please list the project areas

4. Providing a GA will give us an over-view of the areas

5. Photos of items are very useful

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