Eclipse has been delivering Excellence in a full range of yacht furnishings and services in Fort Lauderdale, Miami, and West Palm Beach, Florida, for the past 30 years.

We produce Awnings, Covers, Cushions, Upholstery, Interior Upholstery, Panels and really anything you can think of.

To accommodate the growing demand for Eclipse quality, we have relocated to a larger warehouse with easy access to all shipyards south of Palm Beach and stepped up our infrastructure and management team.


For the yacht owner and guests who demand the first-class lifestyle they are accustomed to, our exceptional craftsmanship will delight from the time they first step onboard.

We accommodate the needs of the busy yacht captains and crews by providing solutions that are practical, functional and timely.

When crew contacts us regarding your shipyard periods, a single point of communication will ensure proper planning and follow-up to guarantee productive and responsive communications at every step of the project.


Eclipse built a decisive competitive advantage stemming from a combination of Joy’s instinct for design that she developed as an Art major and an innate sense of practical function honed from boating since childhood.

Add to this the more stringent requirements of an-all-year-round demand as well as the highly trying tropical conditions of the Florida market and you get the basis that has established Eclipse as a unique leading player.

It comes as no surprise that Eclipse is Joy's lifetime commitment and that she is widely known and a well respected professional in the Marine industry.


Always up for a challenge and as the size of yachts increased, our focus has been on servicing the demanding superyachts community in South Florida ports. To achieve ever greater efficiencies, our inventive and talented team have advanced as recognized Pioneers. They have transported our hand-made, one-of-a-kind manufacturing into the future using their creativity plus the latest CAD technologies.



Hand-made by humans, some things can’t replace the creativity of people, especially in the bespoke work demanded in the yachting industry.

In true artisan fashion, our talented seamstress' and upholsterers have been attracted to their craft since youth. Their dedication to their handiwork can be seen in all the creations they fabricate. They are proud of their work and enjoy viewing the final product of their efforts - the best examples which are found online in yacht brochures.


OUR field service

More than experienced installers, our men in the field are also skilled at digitizing using our 3D computers. In collaboration with the design team they document every detail necessary to produce the final outcome. Part artist and part technician, everything begins with their careful work. Conveying how the final product should function is important because after all, they have to install what is completed.


Serge Ferrari
for your Covers and Awnings

Professionals and pleasure boat skippers the world over appreciate the Serge Ferrari range for its exceptional service life, its UV and mold-resistance, its light weight design and its easy care and cleaning.

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